American Wind Symphony Orchestra & The Coastal Environment

A commitment to clean & accessible waterways

Robert Boudreau has been a visible environmental advocate for the past five decades. Traveling on a floating arts center Point Counterpoint II, he has taken the American Wind Symphony Orchestra to perform wonderful works of music in local waterfront communities. In addition to enriching the cultural landscape, Mr. Boudreau has placed a spotlight on the need to preserve and protect our fragile waterways and coastal environments.

In similar fashion to his friend and fellow musician Pete Seeger and the sloop Clearwater, Robert Boudreau has effectively used music as a vehicle for raising environmental consciousness. This page will be developed further, as an ongoing tribute to the mission of The American Wind Symphony Orchestra and the communities it has touched over the years. We will share stories about the people and the environment of the American waterways. Please stay tuned…

Waterways Links: http://www.clearwater.org/